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Oct 29, 2020
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I like the look of clams and I am exploring if it would be feasible to have in my new reef tank. I wouldn’t get one for the tank for a long time (6+ months), but I want to know if I should leave space for it if I can support it. I have a Waterbox Peninsula Mini 25 and an AI Prime 16.

Per ORA’s website, they state that these are the most beginner friendly since they don’t require as intense light and stay smaller in comparison.

1) Would my tank even support the clam size when full grown?
2) How much par should be given to them, 200+? I’m guessing I would probably have to switch to an AI Hydra 32 to support it.
3) I’m guessing this is ultimately the biggest factor. A tank of this size probably can’t support a bubble top anemone and one of these clams due to both of their sizes, correct?
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