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Oct 8, 2019
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Hey R2R,

I've been lurking the forum for a few weeks I've decided its about time I post my meet and greet.

Preface to this post:
I understand that I have miss stocked my starter tank, I have lost an anenome due to my lack of research. I did however research my you'll see below.- I have plans in place to fix what will become an issue to you later in this post. Basically I know, I'm working on it and it's not a pipe dream, don't grill me nor call the police on me.

So I'm Weller, I have a wife who is currently supporting this hobby. I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to hobbies; I've had a heap fail and I'm still battling a few that I started years ago. (Silly hedges along my front fence as an example)

We live in western Australia. We are both a bit nuts for our animals, we have 3 dogs, a cat and a goat. We have successfully spawned axolotls previously and had kept tropical fish for years.
My wife works in town where I work away for two weeks home for one.

In July I ordered a 17? Gallon tank. It come with a HOB filter using some weird foam inserts. I ripped those out and proceeded to run bio tubes and floof. I set the tank up using dry rock and live sand. After cycling the tank for 6 weeks I ordered my first livestock (online order with my spend hat on) we got:
1x black ocellaris
1x BTA
1x Small Torch frag (single)
1x Wall hammer
1x blue legged hermit
4x snail's. Cant remember the name, cone shape shell cant self right etc.
A few weeks later the BTA was dying so I went to my LFS over 8 hours drive away.
Finally saw what I could buy in person.
I got:
1x purple green geniopora
1x yellow green geniopora
1x purple green maze coral
1x what ever the brown coral i have is. Was told I could use it for nutrients removal.
1x another fish who went missing.

Then I took my wife the next time i went. She bought:
2x red mushroom corals
1x trachy
1x yellow head blue stripe sand sifting goby (diamond?)
And you've all been waiting for it a hippo tang.
Oh wait and a flame hawk fish.

The missing fish I listed earlier is litterally that, I can't ID it, its now gone, no ammonia spike nothing.

We also have a 6 foot tank, I've just pulled it apart to re-seal it. I've got most of the plumbing together and a 3 foot tank on the shelf with makeshift baffles in it.
My return pump, filter socks and holder and redsea skimmer are in the post. I just need to source lights as my current tank will stay setup as a QT. I will also need an ato, i have just put a temp controller on my current tank, never realised the 4°c temp swings until i could graph it. I also need a better way to take photos as my phone really doesn't do any justice.

I can already tell this hobby will outlast the rest. I spend hours staring at that glass box.
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