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    This thread contains links to useful treatment options. Please click on the blue links below for more info. :)

    Treatment Options 102 provides a brief rundown of most medications & treatments.

    Acriflavine is a first aid antiseptic.

    Antibiotics treats bacterial infections.

    Chloroquine phosphate treats ich, velvet, brook & uronema.

    Copper treats ich & velvet.

    Copper test kit info

    @Hotrocks guide for dosing Copper Power

    Freshwater Dip (video here) provides temporary relief for brook, velvet, flukes & "Black Ich". Can be used to confirm the presence of Flukes.

    Formalin treats brook, flukes & "Black Ich". Provides temporary relief for velvet.

    Hyposalinity treats ich and gill flukes.

    Methylene Blue treats ammonia burn, cuts, injuries.

    Metronidazole treats internal parasites, brook, uronema.

    Praziquantel treats flukes, black ich, intestinal worms.

    Tank Transfer Method treats ich only.

    Venting a Swim Bladder treats swim bladder disorder.

    Vitamins/Herbal Remedies to boost a fish’s immune system, supplement dietary deficiencies, and improve overall health.

    *Salvage protocol for treating very sick fish*

    Great website with LOTS of information on all different kinds of medications:
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