Versa Pump leaking


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Jan 20, 2019
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If you open a ticket in their support page, they'll take care of you by sending a replacement tubing set. In the meantime, you can try getting the o-rings off a john guest fitting and either replacing the o-rings on the versa tubing or adding the o-rings. If you add the o-rings (2 o-rings on each fitting), it'll be difficult to pop the tubing back out but it won't leak. At least that's what fixed my leak.
did any of you apply the packet of grease replacement came with?


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Aug 1, 2018
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I've got an interesting one. I have 5 Versa pumps, a four pack and 1 single. 3 out of the 4 are having an issue where the peristaltic tubing moves forward off the rollers. It can't move forward enough to completely come off the rollers but it does come forward enough to allow water to bypass the pump mechanism. I would imagine this could be disastrous if you have the pump in the basement set for automated water changes. In my case I noticed it on a pump I used to dose NitraPhos Minus (AquaForest version of NoPox). I attempted to calibrate the pump and got nothing out. I primed the pump and tried calibration and would get various random amounts less than what was supposed to be dosing. I put the tubing down to check if the intake tube had gotten pulled out of the solution but it was okay. Then I noticed a growing puddle of solution and a constant drip from the tube. I notified EchoTech and they are working on a solution. I believe this should be worthy of a mass notification from the company due to potential disastrous consequences of similar incident dumping entire contents of NitraPhos, Alk, Ca, Mg, etc. The video shows the liquid dripping without the pump in operation. The pic shows the peristaltic tubing not centered on the roller allowing fluid bypass.

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