begginer reeftank help

  1. B

    EMERGENCY Algae identification help

    My tank is around one month old and all params are good(nitrate 10 ammoni 0 nitrite 0) but I am having this red hair algae/diatoms on my rock is this what that is? Is this Dino? If so how can I remove without taking apart tank as I have new fish and corals in
  2. TheWackyWiz

    5 gallon DIY Fuge feedback?

    Hi Everyone, I recently posted about the HOB 70 refugium have set up and ya'll really came through with great guidance so thank you for that! I've been thinking more about my set up and I have a Marineland 5g Portrait that I am wondering if I could turn into a stand alone fuge? I would locate...
  3. A

    Hello Hello everyone!

    hello, after a year of wanting to start a tank I finally did it! I have a 6.6 gallon long tank that I would like some advice on. What’s a good filter for it and what kind of power head should I use? any advice on equipment would be appreciated. I have a aqueon 500 in there now just to have...
  4. TheWackyWiz

    HOB 70 fuge questions??

    Hey Everyone, First I wanted to say how informative and helpful this community has been as I've taken my first steps into the saltwater side of the hobby! Second, hoping to get some guidance on my set up. It's a 20g high and I modded an Aquaclear 70 HOB into my refugium. Its been working...
  5. Jtreps

    First time aquascaping help! Critique my 20G cube :)

    I have a 20 gallon Red Sea nano max and was trying to create a twin island type of look! I’m not sure how well this will be in the long run for a mixed reef tank. What corals would do well with the levels of lighting provided? Help with that would be greatly appreciated as well! Should I tweak...
  6. AtticusPutt

    Is a 60 gallon frag tank a viable fish/coral tank?

    I am decently new to the marine aquarium hobby. I was wondering is is is okay to keep fish and coral in a sixty gallon frag reef tank. The tank has a internal overflow and the dimensions measure 48inches(L) 24inches(D) 12 inches (H). I wasn't planning on keeping large sps corals or fish. Thanks...
  7. Meara

    UV Sterilizer

    Hello everybody; I’m looking for information about UV Sterilizers. I have recently gone through a ich nightmare, (I am in Canada and there is limited medication available it was truly brutal) and I am looking for things that may help me avoid this going forward. I was wondering if anyone has...
  8. Reefing_Engineer

    Mushroom problems

    Hi all, I have this random mushroom I bought as a starter coral and it has not been doing well recently. It has been shriveled up even though I have a ricordia right next to it that is loving life! Here’s a picture of something strange I saw when I tried to target feed it yesterday, it looks...
  9. hds4216

    Nano Build Stocking a BioCube 32 - thoughts on my list so far?

    List so far: Fish: One or two Ocellaris Clownfish One Royal Gramma One Fire Fish One Yellow Watchman Goby One Tailspot Blenny Willing to lose one or two fish if necessary, for example, I can cut back to only one Clown and/or lose the Blenny. Motile Inverts: One Tuxedo Urchin One Skunk...
  10. H

    Best wrasse for 55 gallon with these tankmates?

    Hi all! What Wrasse would be best for a 55 gallon with a Snowflake Eel and an Antennata Lionfish? I heard that a big wrasse could be kept with these 2 correct me if I’m wrong tho. I’d be willing to upgrade to a 75 if absolutely necessary .
  11. N


    Hi Guys, I am just got a 180 gallon 72X24X24 tank and I am in the market for new LED lights. I have always kept freshwater tanks and this is going to be my first reef tank. I really don't want to spend more than $600 on lights. I looked into T5s and are not that practical for me since buying...
  12. J

    Best Nano reef tank Filtration

    I started up my 12 gallon all in one cube reef tank, have a pair of clowns and am adding coral over time. Right now currently have just live rock in one chamber and regular sponge in the first. Just trying to figure out if protein skimmer is necessary, carbon or anything else. I’ve done...
  13. AshenEmberose

    Beginner Needs Help

    Intro to my Setup So I’ve been researching this hobby for months, and I’ve decided to start cycling my quarantine tank first as a mini test before I fill up my 100 gallon aquarium. It’s a 10 gallon tank with a hang on the back filter that came with a piece of a black sponge type sheet that I’ve...
  14. E

    29 Gallon Reef Tank

    So essentially i want to start a beginner reef tank. I went out and bought a 29 gallon tank off of just wanting to start right away and i stop and thought to myself, “I dont know what to get next”. So at the moment i am looking for suggestions for a filter system and anything else i would need...
  15. mtgibson2

    Necessary supplies to maintain corals in 20 gallon tank

    Hi, I have a 20 gallon tank that is 2 feet long. I have the rock, sand and water in place and the tank is currently cycling. I am wondering what you all think are the necessary equipment, supplies, additives/nutrients, etc. for having thriving coral. I am on sort of a tight budget, but not too...
  16. Vg1

    Water lvls for coral

    Hi I just brought a water test kit to make sure my lvls are right and iv been looking on the internet and it's mixed messages so looking for some advice. I currently have two clown fish and some coral tank has been set up for almost a month and is going through the uglies at the moment. Can...
  17. Vg1

    Should I clean this coral

    I'm about to do a water change and notice the coral has some brown fungas attached is the healthy or should I be removing it the coral comes out still but not as much as it use to.
  18. Titans831

    Lighting help, and reef advice needed!

    Good afternoon everybuddy! So I’ve had my tank up and running for three months now. First month I had no idea (still really don’t ) what I was doing but I’ve been slowly figuring it out! Just wanted somone to check my time cycle and tell me or give me any tips on how to better optimize my...
  19. K

    Reef Tank Help

    Okay so I bought a 90 gallon aquarium that I plan on making a reef tank , I’ve been doing my research as to what I need, as of now I’ve got an orbit marine LED 36-48, octo 110, 500w hyger water heater with controller. I plan on doing a refugium in my sump, I’ve got a 20 gallon glass aquarium as...
  20. Mramon396

    I think my clownfish may have fungus

    I’ve had my juvenile clownfish for 4 days now and all my test come out at zero with a ph of 8.2 and but the smaller one seems to have some kind of cloudiness on his fins and his tail seems to bo a bit torn although not positive. They are not patches it’s just some clodiness that I noticed on his...