1. RedSea50Gang

    Azure Damsel missing! Who done it?

    Hi friends! I bought an azure damsel from my lfs two weeks ago now... he seemed happy healthy and vibrant until he went missing 3 days ago. His name was Azi and we miss him. I shifted live rock carefully and slightly looking for him, checked my overflow filter areas...looked around the ground in...
  2. T

    What’s ailing my damsel

    I had 3 azure damsels in quarantine for 3 weeks doing well. My lfs got 4 more in so I snagged them and added them to the quarantine tank. I put a divider in the quarantine just I case. The four recently added have slowed died over the course of a week and a half. I’m not sure what’s causing...
  3. bReefedBaker

    Devil Damsel & Clownfish together “Oh my”!

    Before the Aquarium Police come after me, READ!! I have complete knowledge of these fish being cousins of each other and it’s NOT ideal to house the two species together. (insert checkmark) My tank is my tank, your tank is your tank. This is my tank, thank you. Nice, now that the Aquarium...
  4. Zoa_Fanatic

    Four stripe damsel min tank size

    So I have a 32 biocube and a 16 biocube. I bought the 16 specifically for my four stripe damsel. He’s my oldest (and currently only after the passing of my 10-12 year old engineer goby) fish. I want new fish for my dt but he’s a turd biscuit so I’m planning to put him in my 16. Is that big...
  5. C

    EMERGENCY One year old damsel

    I have a damsel that is about one year old. It has had these holes above the eyes for a few months now. Does anyone have any idea what it could be?
  6. IMG_0752.mov


    6 gallon JBJ tank. 2 damsel fish and clown fish.
  7. amstalf

    Bio Cube 16 Gallon

    Coralife LED Bio Cube 16 Saltwater Aquarium -in tank media basket with Chem Pure -Chill Solutions 11414 Thermo electric chiller Fish -Ocellaris Clownfish -Yellow Tail Blue Damselfish -Chalk Bass -Pencil Urchin -Astraea x4 -Scarlett Hermits x5 -Blue Leg Hermit -Nassarius Snails x 2 Accessories...
  8. THEBOOM1011

    Deciding on Fish

    Hi, I have a 75 Gallon Long Tank with 2 Ocellaris Clownfish, a Starry Blenny, a Chalk Bass, 3 Nassarius Snails, and a Blue Hermit. My sandbed depth is not consistent but the depth is 1-5 inches, on average its about 3 inches. My reef tank currently is very peaceful the clownfish do not pay any...
  9. nolanp489

    Injured chromis damelfish

    Hi guys, so today I noticed my chromis damselfish was injured. the base of this tail where it attaches to his body had a hole clean through and the bottom of the tail fell off. there is flesh damage where the tail meets the body. my question is will he recover from this? I put him in a breeder...
  10. jackalexander

    Damsel ID

    I got this damselfish from my LFS a week ago for $15 but they didn’t say what kind it was. Just curious about the species and good tank mates, I would like to have a pair of clowns and wrasse with him but I know damselfish are pretty aggressive. & Yes I know he has a case of ich. I’ve been...
  11. Zoa_Fanatic

    Stocking question?

    Hey guys. I have a biocube 32 led. The only fish I have are a 2ft-ish long engineer goby and a 3” long four stripe damsel. I want to add a royal gramma. My question is will the gramma be ok with those two or will he bully/get bullied? My engineer is a sweetheart named kashima but Oswald (my...
  12. ReefReadyYouTube

    Fish aggression habits.

    I got two pink smith damsels from my LFS and they were in the same tank acting all fine and friendly. The LFS just got them in that week too. Then when I put them in my tank, which are the only two fish in there, one is beating up the other. Why is this? Is it because it’s a new tank and need to...
  13. Jeremy K.A.

    Peaceful Damsel?

    Hey everyone I was at the LFS the other day and some Talbots Damsels really caught my eye. I love their coloration! Are they like other damsels, extremely aggressive or are they a more peaceful one that can be kept in a community reef?
  14. Roberth101

    Fish for cycling

    I am sure this has been asked and answered but i cant seem to find it so here goes. I have a 75 gallon aquarium with a 20 gallon sump that water level is approximately 7 gallons. The aquarium is going to be a fowlr display. About 30 pounds of dry live rock, and 5 pounds of established rock in...
  15. R

    ID on this damsel!!

    I recently bought a damselfish from petco under the dubious label "assorted damsel". I think it's a female because if the clear fins, and it has no yellow whatsoever. I'm thinking either a yellowtail or fijian blue devil. I need help :(
  16. PocketClam

    Third fish for 20 Long damselfish dungeon

    I currently have a spingers' damselfish and an occy in my 20L but am considering adding another fish to the display (I have allot of live rock and a fair few large cave-structures), I'd really like something which might occupy the open-water or the top of the column but I'm not really sure what...
  17. ashs_exotics

    Should have done my research on Damsels

    Have a 30g tall rectangular tank i'm setting up as a reef tank. Fish already added: Green Canary Blenny, Watchman Goby, Royal Gramma, Clownfish, firefish. Saw a cool looking velvet damsel at the local fish store, couldn't resist those beautiful blue stripes. WORST IDEA EVER. So I am blessed...
  18. Tangina20

    Random fish deaths

    I’m more of a coral guy than a fish guy and have no experience with fish diseases. I have a 40b with a maroon clown and a watchman goby. The last two fish I had were a damsel (lasted 3 days) and a six line (lasted 3 weeks). After looking at every option on what is going wrong with newly...
  19. D

    Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish, which tank should he go in?.....

    Here is my Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish in quarantine: Should I put him in my Coral Display (located in the middle of the sump below my FOWLR predator tank): Or should he go in my Damsel Tank: I have never had a Lionfish, so I am not sure which option would be the best for him. Do you think the...
  20. badstorm48

    Looking for a smaller colorful fish that has a lot of movement

    Just like the title says I'm looking for a smaller colorful fish that has a lot of movement in my reef tank. I also want to have them in a group of say 3 to 5. My tank is a 70 gallon tank with a Christmas wrasse, tribal blenny, ocellaris clown, mystery wrasse, and a hi hat goby, oh and I have a...
  21. H

    I am looking to get in the hobby

    I was wondering how big of a tank I would need to get a pair of clowns and a damselfish or two. I am Kind of tight on space. what all will I need to start? in the future, I would like to keep some coral. I am looking at the bio cube 16...
  22. Janci

    Build Thread 120G Rimless shallow peninsula tank

    Hi everyone ""EDIT"" When starting this thread I did not leave the beginner post open for updated full tank shots. So I will just insert the pic here, as well with the equipment list. FTS 8th of June 2019 Current equipment list - return pump Royal Exclusiv Red Dragon (80W) - sump...
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