Hi from rural Australia

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Jul 14, 2020
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Welcome to Reef2Reef!
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Dec 1, 2019
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Hi, thanks for including me in your forum.

I've been into reefing for about two and a half years. I have a 70g mixed reef setup, and am contemplating setting up a 60g FOWLR tank.

I live in the rural city of Bendigo, in SE Australia. It's quite a challenge being a reefer here, when the nearest marine LFS is a hundred miles away. On top of that, Melbourne has been in strict COVID lockdown since July, so I can't go there anyway. :)

My tank has a yellow tang, a royal dottyback, a couple of assessors, an ocellaris clownfish, a black and white clownfish, and a blue-green chromis. The CUC consists of trochus snails, turbo snails, and strombus snails. By way of corals, I have some hammers, torches, on open brain coral, a duncan, an eagle eye zoa, a plate coral, a few morphs, a turbinaria and a couple of lobos.

I have some problems. The tank is infested with both vermetid snails and aiptasia. I've given up on the snails, and am trying to kill off the aiptasia as I see it. There is a lot of it, though. I don't think that either outbreak is bothering the corals too much, but they sure do make the tank look ugly. I did have zombie snails, a sand-sifting star and a chocolate goby cleaning my sand, but they all appear to have passed away, so I need to get my sand cleaner. Finally, I need more rock. and then more corals to go on that rock. (Who doesn't?). That's a longer term project, as I am bleaching and then curing some dry rock that I have.

I've attached some photos, hopefully good enough to give you an idea. Some of them are not that clear; sorry.

20200706_173921.jpg 20200706_174246.jpg 20200706_174542.jpg 20200706_174558.jpg 20201006_200753.jpg 20201016_102548.jpg
Welcome aboard r2r brother so cool ur from Australia boggles my mind how diverse this site is, much luck to you


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Jul 22, 2018
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Province of Ontario
There are hundreds of vermetids, so the usual superglue treatment is just too difficult. I tried treating them by dosing the tank with PraziPro, on the advice of the LFS. I might be kidding myself, but I think I am seeing a lot fewer webs since the treatment. I am using Aiptasia-X, but might not be using the right technique.

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