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Love The Fish
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Feb 20, 2011
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Tucson, AZ
Just got my latest order I split with a buddy last week. Love this food, best food around.
Thanks again Larry!
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Feb 27, 2013
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Advance, NC
Thanks for the compliment!

I appreciate your business, continued support and taking time to spread the word about LRS! We grow via word of mouth and our western US expansion is aided by folks like you introducing our foods to the locals.

To be honest the past month has been a blur of positive feedback, all of which started with our trip to the Long Island Aquarium and feeding their 22,000 display tank and ultra rare "Lightening Maroon" clown fish!

I posted the amazing videos here:

Then on April 6th "Aqua Nerd" posted their review of our foods and the writer closed out the review by saying from that point forward he will feed LRS and only LRS foods to his aquarium! That is a pretty strong statement if you ask me, and I in no way sponsor or pay for advertising on Aqua Nerd so the review was unbiased.

The entire review is posted here.... Hands on with the Entire Line of LRS Frozen Aquarium Foods | AquaNerd

To add icing on the cake, marine biologist Karen Brittain posted in her blog this past Monday that LRS probiotic foods were the FIRST CHOICE of any non-live food offered to the 130 day old P. venusta angel fish she is raising! I was floored as well as humbled when I read that statement. The "Rising Tide Conservation" blog followed by aquarists all around the road can be found here: Rising Tide Conservation Updates: Larval Rearing of the Purple Mask Angelfish

Folks there are a TON of frozen foods on the market, but when one of the leading authorities on aquaculture is willing to spend $200 on Fed Ex alone to get LRS Reef Frenzy food flown into Hawaii, there just may be something special in that cooler worth taking a closer look at.

If you are on the fence and think all frozen foods are the same jump on over to the LRS website and see our updated Testimonials....HERE: Testimonials

I can honestly say as we near our second year of production we have tens of thousands of packs of food sold, and we have never had to offer a refund or accept a return.

Thanks again for posting, and please if anyone is on Facebook follow us at since I post updates and photos every day. We are adding new stores to our network and that is the place to see each one as they are announced. Also we have an interactive map at Reef Frenzy, Best Reef Food - Larry's Reef Services, Llc - Advance, Nc : Other

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