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    I'll start this off by saying I'm about a year into this hobby and I'm...hooked. First time poster to R2R. I need recommendations for a 220 gallon aquarium, see bottom for details.

    About a year ago I took an old 29 gallon tank off my dad's hands he had in some warehouse along with a few rocks/substrate..hadn't been ran in a decade+. Needless to say I jumped right in with the equipment and started this baby up. Come to find out it was fresh water equipment so I've been swapping out/adding stuff as I learn. Since then I've learned a lot and stuck mainly to LPS; now gettings into SPS. 3 days ago I switched my lighting from an Orbit to a Hydra 26, pretty happy so far.

    Lately I've been battling green hair algae= phosphates. I know the first thing anyone asks are parameters? Basically, I didn't have my flow right and let detritus build up on rocks. I've been cleaning off rocks with turkey baster/frequent water changes. I've also been running a GFO reactor but need to get a media filter for the reactor.

    Salinity 1.025-1.026
    Temp. 79-80
    Ammonia 0ppm
    pH 7.8 (a little low)
    Recently changed sump from bio-balls to live rock.

    I am preparing a 220 gallon tank as well, so far I have the tank, stand, and sump. I need recommendations for the pump(s), power heads, sand, protein skimmer, and other goodies. I'm pretty sure I'm going to use Hydra 26s/52s.

    Thank-you in advance and I'll see you around the forum!




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    <-------First to say..."Welcome to R2R." 281!!!!
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