1. clownenthusiast2017

    help pairing clowns!!

    Hey #reefsquad, I've had my clowns for about three months now and I wouldn't say they've paired up yet. One is noticeably bigger but the smaller one has a little attitude and still goes after the larger one. They're both young clowns being that the "large" one is only max an inch and a half so...
  2. grassy_noel

    Juvenile Ocellaris Clownfish this behavior ok?

    Hi, I am relatively new to the hobby and am very concerned about my new pair of ocellaris clownfish. They are juveniles, purchased a week ago from the same tank of about 20 similar clownfish. One is slightly larger than the other and is definitely the aggressor. I am concerned because the...
  3. 'Pairing' Wrasses: That's Not How Any of this Works!

    'Pairing' Wrasses: That's Not How Any of this Works!

    It is something I read often: “Where can I buy a female for my male ____ wrasse?” Or: “I want to buy another ____ wrasse and pair them up!” Wait! Time out for a minute! First, we really need some understanding of how wrasses interact and live in their natural environment. In the ocean, most...
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