1. R

    Clown Pairing Attempt

    Hello all. I’ve been cycling a new innovative marine 20 gallon encore (two10g fused together). I just recently reached a point where I was able to introduce a pair of ocellaris clowns to one side (10g) with the intent of pairing them and later moving them to my 50 gallon mixed reef build upon...
  2. C

    Opinions Needed! Lightening Maroon Clownfish Tankmates

    Hey Reefers! Over the weekend my LFS had a customer appreciation event where a few different pairs of fish, assorted gear and in-store credit were given away. I happened to win a set of Lightening Maroon Clownfish. I have an empty but cycling 65 gallon tank that they will be going in. They are...
  3. hisuzeq

    Any Compatibility Red Flags Here?

    Tank Currently: 1 two-spot goby 2 anemones (+snails, hermits, & an emerald crab) Tank Goals: 2 clowns 2 red firefish gobies (heard they need to be a pair?) 2 mandarin gobies 1 pistol shrimp 1 watchman goby 1 other shrimp? (sexy / fire?) Pressing question - would an orchid dottyback be a...
  4. borillion

    Defusing female aggression among multiple potential mates?

    Is it feasible to diffuse the aggressive behavior or an existing female clownfish by adding 2+ suitors from a school of small juvenile clowns, and then removing those that do not pair up with her?
  5. C

    Multiple pistol shrimp?

    Hello everybody, I am setting up an IM Nuvo 10 gallon nano, and for my stocking I was wondering if I could keep 2 Randall’s pistols and a yasha Goby together. I’m not sure if the two pistols will fight? Most people it seems to work out for them but I want to make sure, thanks.
  6. N

    Maroon clown pairing !

    So I’ve been in the saltwater game for about 2 years (I’m an amateur, but I’m learning) my first fish was a gold stripe maroon clown. She was in my first saltwater tank (40 gallons) then we moved her to a 75 gallon with a yellow tang and some chromis. Then we got her to host her first green bta...
  7. V

    Two Yellow Gobies in Nano tank

    Hi, I recently added two yellow gobies to my nano tank (63 litres). They started fine but after couple of days the larger one claimed the rock and chases the smaller one, whenever it gets near it! I don’t think the smaller one has suffered any injuries yet but it ends up staying at the top...
  8. Diveks

    Clownfish lost mate and clown behavior

    Hey everyone, I have decided to get my clownfish (male) a new mate since the female died in qt. The male clown is very adventurous. The tank is around 50 gallons around 3 feet long. They are 4-5 cm .The new clown is almost the same size and when i plopped him in he old clown went straight for...
  9. tailoftwogobies

    one hifin two pistol shrimp..

    maybe this is something that happens in a lot of tanks, but we are so excited about this little pairing. we’ve tried to re pair our hifin goby with another hifin (after a gorilla crab killed it’s original first friend) & shrimp and failed so we found another tiny candy cane pistol shrimp & said...
  10. raphgiroux

    Tang family

    Hello there, no need for Tang police here, I understand about having a lot of tangs together. But I have a Tomini and a yellow tang that are besties, I'd like to add a third one but I don't know which would be as pacific.... Can you help me sort the 4 families of tangs and give me your favorite...
  11. jackalexander

    Clownfish Pairing

    I have these two clownfish who have been in the same tank for about a month and at first their pairing habits weren’t worrisome but now it’s getting a little worrying. My WW clown runs the tank while my vivid stays hidden in a crevasse under a rock until the lights turn out and comes out to...
  12. Alyssa.Weber

    How does the pairing of the shrimp goby and pistol shrimp work?

    I know you can get a watchman goby and a pistol shrimp as a pair but I have also heard that each species of shrimp goby has a certain species of pistol shrimp that pairs with it. If this is true, what are the common pairings? Also is the pairing something I can do myself?- meaning can I...
  13. KJones90s

    Are they pairing?

    I have a misbar black clownfish and a caramel clown, the black clown is much bigger. Ive noticed they've started sleeping in the same area of the tank. Is that a good indication that they have paired? They’ve only been together for 2-3 days at this point, and I’ve heard it can sometimes be hard...
  14. Foxchase

    Pairing ocellaris

    So in the beginning I tried adding a flurry with a Davinci B. The flurry ended up killing my Davinci and so it has stayed alone since then. I want to try pairing again and was looking at getting a Wyoming since they are closer in coloration. I also bought a breeder box to throw the Wyoming in so...
  15. KameronManning

    Help pairing clownfish

    Hey guys I have 1 juvenile orange storm in my tank ( 1 inch ) and I’m waiting for my Lfs to get in a black storm. With my current orange storm being so small should I grab a bigger or smaller black storm. The orange storm is so young and small that I feel I wouldn’t be able to find anything...
  16. clownenthusiast2017

    help pairing clowns!!

    Hey #reefsquad, I've had my clowns for about three months now and I wouldn't say they've paired up yet. One is noticeably bigger but the smaller one has a little attitude and still goes after the larger one. They're both young clowns being that the "large" one is only max an inch and a half so...
  17. grassy_noel

    Juvenile Ocellaris Clownfish this behavior ok?

    Hi, I am relatively new to the hobby and am very concerned about my new pair of ocellaris clownfish. They are juveniles, purchased a week ago from the same tank of about 20 similar clownfish. One is slightly larger than the other and is definitely the aggressor. I am concerned because the...
  18. 'Pairing' Wrasses: That's Not How Any of this Works!

    'Pairing' Wrasses: That's Not How Any of this Works!

    It is something I read often: “Where can I buy a female for my male ____ wrasse?” Or: “I want to buy another ____ wrasse and pair them up!” Wait! Time out for a minute! First, we really need some understanding of how wrasses interact and live in their natural environment. In the ocean, most...