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Been out the game...


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Jul 15, 2020
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Las Vegas
I have a 75 gallon tank that I have had since 2006. Its been great and fun. The last light I purchased was back in 2012 or so, so I have been out of the game for a while. It was a AI Sol light with a controller (the little white box). It has been great and has been doing what I need to to do. About 3 years ago, my buddy gave me an AI Hydra. I said thanks and never really used it, so it sat in the garage and that was it. Since getting married, and having a baby, my tank has been on the decline and I have decided about 4 months ago (Pre-Covid) I was going to let it go but I didn't want to kill the clown (the only fish), and one coral so I would let nature take its course especially since I have had this clown since 2006. Well I needed something from our local fish store and just 2 days ago, I found why I liked the hobby... its like I fell in love all over again!!!! I cleaned up the tank, and got it back up looking good. I decided to take that HYDRA out the garage, clean it up to use it.... and it won't work!!

The little white box I use as the controller only works only on one light at a time, but not both... I have been out the lighting game for a while (2012 or so)... what is/ are some comparable lights? I just have a Duncan coral and a waving hand... nothing too serious on the coral end.

I want that Hydra to work, but it won't. I have tried to find that controller on different site like bay, but starts with an e... If I can find that controller, I would be happy... but Its been discontinued so I get that I probably won't find it.

I really just want a new lighting system... so let me know!! Thanks...


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Apr 9, 2016
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Welcome to Reef2Reef!

Could you tell us more about the dimensions of your tank, your budget, your stocking goals (just wanted to make sure you're sticking with corals like the duncan/waving hand and won't be intending to get into any SPS/aneones/clams, etc.). Lastly, I'm assuming you want to stick with LEDS- is this correct? Would you prefer multiple smaller units like the Hydra or would you prefer larger units where the LEDs are spread out?

This all assumes that someone reading your post doesn't have a spare controller. That would obviously be one of the better/cheaper solutions and I hope you'll have more luck here than on ebay :)

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