1. Aaron Davis

    Algae in sump advice!

    Hey guys, I purchased a bag of algae from a LFS a few months back and and now wondering what I got exactly; as I've noticed a few different types of algae in my sump. I noticed a few bubbles of what appears to be green bubble algae on the end of my heater. Is this alright in my sump? I...
  2. Salty John

    Shopping for First Marine Tank Red Sea? All In One?

    Hi all, can I just say what an excellent forum and source of information/guidance we have at our finger tips here! I have kept tropical fish a decade or so back and I found that quite simple to maintain. Because it is! I have always wanted a salt water reef aquarium so before I go for the...
  3. moses reef

    New reef advice please!

    Hey guys I just got into the reef game again after a few failed attempts. I am finally at the point where I can throw a little bit of money at the tank and I am really wanting to create a reef. I can only have a 5 gal due to housing restrictions and i know this might make things harder but im...
  4. Aaron Davis

    Dead Spots???

    Hey all, So I'm not exactly sure how to confirm this, but I was performing maintenance on my tank last night and was moving a little sand around because my powerhead's current was creating a dune. I have one LARGE piece of liverock where a pistol shrimp lives. At the entrance to his...
  5. nautical_nathaniel

    Maxspect Ethereal Owners/Users - I need your input!

    Hey everyone, Marine Depot came out today with limited-time special financing on all Maxspect, Reef Octopus, and Icecap products they carry. Its got me thinking that this is a very good time for me to get a Maxspect Ethereal if I'm going to get it. That being said, the reason I want one is...
  6. Evan West

    Moving Time? My Advice to You.

    Welcome! Hello all, I am what I would consider to be somewhat of an expert on moving a reef tank. I say this because due to the way my college works I move every 3 months......gasp! yes yes I know bring on the nay sayers! "That's bad for your reef they need stability!".......and yes your right...
  7. M

    All in One System advice

    I have been out of the saltwater hobby for nearly 6 years and I really want to get back into it. I used to have a 75G with 20G sump setup. Since I am military I move around every few years so I want to get a system that is easier to break down and take with me if possible. My biggest concern is...
  8. D

    Stocking options for a nano

    Hello everyone. Even though it's too early to get them (the tank is cycling), I'd like to start thinking about the stocking options for my 20g/75l Red Sea max nano. For sure, I will want clownfish (ocellaris) [i have to take 2, right?] and a nice clean up crew (mostly some shrimps, snails...
  9. Johnson

    The Right Way To Return???

    I am in the middle of figuring out plumbing returns and over flows and I can't figure out how to set up my returns for a sleek look. I'm building a custom 450 gal. I am running a hammerhead/ barracuda reeflo from my basement. I know the outlet is inch and a half. I was debating on using loc line...
  10. jordimex

    Build Thread Hello NOOB here with Reefer 250 starting my journal

    My name is Jorge I am from Mexico but currently living in Aventura, Florida, I am here studying to become an airline pilot and in the meantime start and learn from this awesome hobby I currently own two tanks one is a 10 gal fw tank and a 65 gal fw as well (if you want pictures of them just let...
  11. jordimex

    Hello everyone

    My name is Jorge I am from Mexico but currently living in Aventura Florida, I am here studying to become an airline pilot and in the meantime start and learn from this awesome hobby I currently own two tanks one is a 10 gal fw tank and a 65 gal fw as well (if you want pictures of them just let...
  12. Agraves77

    Maxspect Gyre 280

    Can you cap one side of the Gyre 280 like you could on the 130? Or did they get rid of that function? I am looking for any advice on a good nano powerhead for my nuvo 30L Thanks in advance.
  13. BrandonP

    Fragging Micro Zoas Advice?

    I have some Paradise zoas that I acquired from LC. Fortunately they are growing very well and are outgrowing their plug. I have fragged zoas many many times with great success. With that said, I have never fragged zoas that are this tiny. Can any one provide any tips when fragging these tiny...
  14. Johnson

    Custom corner drop off tank diy

    Hello everyone Ive been in the hobby for about 2 years now and have been contemplating a custom tank build. I have 2 150 gallon tanks now one a 150 tall and a 150 half moon. I have some larger tangs that are starting to out grow the 150 half moon . So I was thinking about doing a 450 gallon L...
  15. AlexChef

    Looking for advice after building DiY Refugium/sump

    So I've been "aquariuming" for awhile however, I did not gain good experience due to rash teenage decisions and mostly blew my money on equipment/fish I didn't know how to use/care for. Now after college I'm back and have the money/patience to do it right. ANYWAYS I have a 55g display tank and...
  16. AshleighM

    New saltwater and looking for advice

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the saltwater hobby and I'm looking for some advice. I currently have a 66 gallon Red Sea Max 250 Coral Reef aquarium that I got off of a good friend and experienced saltwater hobbyist (don't worry, everything is extremely clean and running perfectly). Right now my tank...
  17. peteyspizza

    Advice for beginner setup?

    Would anyone have any advice for a 13 year old wanting to get into the reef keeping hobby? E.G. setup, easy corals/anemones/inverts? I've done a lot of research, and I can't decide between a Biocube 32 tank, since not as much money (probably) would go into salt/rock etc., or if I should start...
  18. Salty-Sailor

    Hi! Newbie Here. welcoming all advice!

    Just Started my new 55G reef tank 11-28-2016 So far i think im in the right direction but probably should be keeping track of my levels a little better, at least more then just bringing in water samples to the local saltwater aquarium shop and the very nice gentlemen tells me im doing good lol...
  19. Khackman

    Acronyms are killing my tank!

    Well, sort of. As an example, I'm assuming BTA is an acronym for Bubble-tipped Anemone? I am trying desperately to learn more from this site in order to become a better reefer, but I keep reading posts and comments with acronyms that aren't in the typical dictionary for me to look them up to...
  20. Mpkid911

    Setting up my first reef tank need advice.

    Okay so im been planning and setting up my first reef tank now for about the last month and a half. Ive been reading up on everything I could. So far i have purchased quite a bit and believe i am almost ready to get my tank cycling. My questions are, im not exactlynsure what to put into my sump...
  21. Thoms_here

    Build Thread Dry Tank Getting Ready to Get WET!

    I 'm getting ready to set up a new reef tank (with dry rock) and was wondering what type of inexpensive "master reef or saltwater test kit" you would recommend (unfortunately, emphasis on inexpensive). Thanks and I hope everyone has a GREAT thanksgiving! :)
  22. DominicGates

    Brand new tank! Brand new to the hobby!

    Hello everyone! This is my first post and I hope I'm in the right place! My girlfriend and I have been keeping a freshwater for about about a year and she decided to get me a saltwater tank for my birthday! We're hoping it's going to be done cycling around my actual birthday! Nov 23. I'm...
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