Help needed SPS keep dying.

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Aug 27, 2019
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coraline is growing very well.
With the upmost respect, your pictures tell a different story. I see a few patches here and there, but I'd want it covering every surface. And I'd want to see pineapple sponges, a few types of algae in places, if possible.

Take it slower.

Find a local reefer with a good SPS tank and get a few small pieces of live rock from them. If you were closer to me I'd give you some.

Give it 6 months.

Add one frag of stylo, birdsnest, or green slimer, don't drop in 30 named acros.

Wait another month and see what happens, then go from there. Keep measuring your parameters, you're definitely on the right track and asking good questions. Just go a bit slower.
TCK Corals

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