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    Here you can find the daily poll topics and links to the threads. Feel free to PM me with poll topics you feel would be interesting.

    2018 Polls:
    Adding new creatures
    Age - Is 60 too old
    Aiptasia - How do you battle it
    Alk - Acceptable swing
    Alk - Alk and nutrients relationship
    Alk - Monitoring
    Alk - SPS Dominant Measurement
    Amino Acids - Do you dose them
    Anemones - How long to find their resting spot
    Apex - New Brain, Old Modules
    Aquascaping - Methods to hold rocks together
    ATO - How long does your reservoir last
    ATO - Independent or controller dependent
    Bio Media - Which do you use
    Bubble Algae
    Buying - Most important element to buying livestock
    Carbon (GAC) - Do you use
    Caulerpa Sporulation
    Chaeto - To Tumble or Not
    Chillers - Do you use one
    Clowns - Have you tried breeding them
    Clowns - What's your favorite
    Clowns - What's your favorite
    Controllers - Which do you use
    Converting people to the hobby
    Coralline Algae - Do you try to control
    Coralline Algae - Most important factor in growth
    Corals - Distrupters/Movers
    Corals - Do you grow them on the back glass
    Corals - Feeding Frequency
    Corals - Frags or colonies
    Corals - How do you feed
    Corals - What tools do you use to feed
    Corals - How long do you wait to mount them
    Corals - Target vs. broadcasting
    Corals - Spawning
    Corals - What's your favorite
    Corals - What's your preferred dip
    Costs - How much have you loss in fish
    Crabs - Are Emeralds reef safe
    Crabs - What's your favorite
    Cyano - Have You Had It
    Decorations - Do You Dare
    Dosing - How many times per day
    Electrical - Are GFI's necessary
    Equipment - What do you keep as a backup
    Evaporation - What do you use for replacement
    Feeding - Pumps on or off
    Fish - Flame Angels - Do you keep pairs
    Fish - How many per gallon
    Fish - How old is your oldest
    Fish - Inches per gallon
    Fish - Disease - What have you encountered
    Fish - Mandarins - Appropriate tank size
    Fish - Watchman Goby - What is your favorite
    Fish - What's your oldest fish
    Flow - How do you program your circulation pumps
    Flow - Internal flow rates
    Food - Do you make your own
    Food - Do you pay attention to expiration dates
    Food - Have you tried nightcrawlers
    Frag Tanks - What's you frag tank height
    GFO - Do you use
    Glass - Do you paint yours
    Glass - How often do you clean yours
    Ground Probes - Do You Use One
    Ground Probe - Placement
    Hobby - Do you challenge yourself
    Hobby - Favorite part
    Hobby - Single fish or coral get you hooked
    How long have you been in the hobby
    LFS - How close is the nearest to you
    LFS - How Often Do You Visit Yours
    Lighting - How blue is your reef
    Lighting - How do you hang yours
    Lighting - LED's - How high do you hang your fixture
    Lighting - Measuring strength
    Lighting - Preferences
    Lighting - Ramp times
    Lighting - Shimmer Effect
    Lighting - T5's - Bulb change frequency
    Lighting - T5's - Bulb change frequency - BRS
    Lighting - T5's - Bulb combination
    Lighting - T5's - How high do you hang your fixture
    Macro Algaes - What's your preference
    Maintenance - High or low
    Maintenance - Do you hate it
    Manifold - How do you feed yours
    Nightmares - Ever had one
    Pests - In the Reef
    Phosphate Export - Preferred method
    Potassium - Do you measure for it
    Power Outages
    R2R - Are you addicted
    RAP Orlando - Are you going
    RAP Orlando - Did you go and what did you get
    Refugiums - Sand or bare bottom
    Return Flow
    Rocks - What's your preference
    RODI - Changing DI resin frequency
    RODI - Resin - Preferred setup
    RODI - Resin - Premade or pack you own
    RODI - What do you do with waste water
    RODI - Water pressure
    Sand - Have you ever used black sand
    Sand Beds - Do you stir them with a powerhead
    Sand Beds - Is a clean sandbed attainable
    Scuba Diving/Snorkeling
    Shrimp - What's your favorite
    Skimmer - Do you use one
    Snails - What's your favorite
    Socks - How often do you change yours
    Spot Feeding - Tools
    Stands - Preference
    Stands - What's you display stand height
    Starfish - What's your favorite
    Summer time - does your tank take a back seat
    Sumps - DIY or Prebuilt
    Sumps - Location
    Sumps - Sizes
    Tangs - What's your favorite
    Tanks - How satisfied are you with yours
    Tanks - How long did the uglies last
    Tanks - How long have you left yours unattended
    Tanks - How many do you have
    Tanks - Size in an apartment
    Testing - Preferred ICP test
    TDS - Do You Know Yours
    Urchins - Sea Urchins
    US reefing vs. other countries
    UV Sterilization
    Videos - Do you watch them
    Washing your hands
    Water changes - Do you adjust to match parameters
    Water changes - what do you do with your old saltwater
    Wrasses - Six Line Agression
    Yellow Water
    Zoas - Do you love them
    Zoas - What size frag do you purchase
    Zoas - Zoa Pox - what is it.

    2017 Polls:
    2-Part Dosing Formula Improvement
    Aiptasia Removal
    Age - Aquarist not Tank
    Alk Demand
    Alk Importance - Where Does it Rank
    Alk Level - Where Do you Keep Your
    Alk Monitoring System - Considering One
    Bristle Worms - Good or bad
    Carbon Dosing - Favorite Method
    Calcium Demand
    Calcium Reactor - Do You Use One
    Coral - Do you Acclimate
    Coral - On Overflow Box
    Coral - Target Feeding
    Display Tank - Glass or Acrylic
    Dosing - How Do You Dose
    Drain Method - What's Your Favorite
    Eclipse - Notice Anything Different Today
    Feeding - Auto Feeder
    Feeding - Frequency
    Feeding - What Do You Feed
    Filter Socks or Not
    Fish - Do You Name Yours
    Fish - Fish Only or Reef
    Flow - Laminar vs. Turbulent
    Frag Tanks
    Freshwater Start
    Ich Free Tank - Is it Possible
    Insurance - What's Covered
    LFS - How Far is Yours
    Lighting - Height
    Lighting - Time at Max
    Magnesium Demand
    Magnet Cleaners - Leave them in
    Male or Female
    Micromanaging - Do You
    Moon Lights
    Other Pets
    pH - Low Point
    pH - High Point
    Poll About Polls
    QT - Preferred Method
    QT - Yes or No
    R2R - Time per Day you Visit the Site
    Return Pump - Best in the Industry
    Salinity - How Do You Test
    Salt Mix - Favorite Brand
    Salt Mix - Which Product
    Snails - What Are Your Favorites
    Socks - Mesh or Felt
    Spousal Involvement
    Stability - Defined
    Stability - Most Important
    Substrate - Sand or Bare Bottom
    Sump - How do you Keep it Clean
    Tank - Automation
    Tank - Dedicated Species
    Tank - Have you Ever Upgraded
    Tank - Location
    Tank - Monthly Operating Costs
    Tank - What Size
    Tank - When is it Considered Mature
    Testing - Frequency
    Temperature - What's Your Average
    Travel - Are You Ready
    Water Change - Frequency
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    This is great and I hope a running log is done for 2019. However, it might be a good idea to post poll/log results on a monthly, or weekly, basis.
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    Great list and submission
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    Where is the latest ones?
    BRS said they posted a water change time and I can’t find it?
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